‘Who cares?’ On Degrowth and Feminism and the concept of ‘work’

by Birte

Description: Degrowth calls for a reduction of production and consumption levels in rich countries as a step toward greater global environmental justice. What does this have to do with feminism? We will investigate how such a call for economic downshifting would go hand in hand with a re-conceptualization of ‘work’ and discuss how this relates to what (some) feminists have argued all along – let’s discuss how we can bring about an economy centred around ‘care’!

Bystander intervention

in collaboration with Our Bodies Our voice (Amsterdam)

The workshop will approach these topics:
- What you can do if someone discloses to you that they have experienced sexual violence (any non-consensual act)
- Myths about sexual violence, where they come from, and how we can dismantle them
- Active listening skills: how to support survivors
- Forum Theatre: using real life scenarios to practice and learn first-hand how to intervene problematic situations
- Providing help-seeking options and information

Healing through BDSM

by MariLeo Horse and Electra

This workshop explores dynamics of acceptance and rejection in the BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) context. Marileo Horse and Electra Eroticaqueer will show us what we can learn from BDSM practices about ourselves and how to use them to cope with trauma, oppression and violence.

All exercises during this workshop are on voluntary base and might include physical and emotional intimacy.

For more information about the artist check out " Bonds" in the Art&Performances section

"To dare the way into the unknown" - workshop about critical masculinities

by queer_topia Berlin

During this workshop we will deal with the topic of masculinities.

what does masculinities* actually mean? how can i handle (my)

masculinities*? how and when do i use/perform them? where does (my)

masculinities* limit myself?

these and other questions are processed during the workshop with theatre

and critical paedagogy methods.

the workshop is open to all genders. the room is free of

smoke and accessible with the wheelchair, the toilette as well.

presented by queer_topia*(queertopia.blogsport.de, fb: queer_topia*)

Female genital mutilation

in collaboration with AIMS, featuring a FGM survivor

FGM is an unnecessary, harmful procedure that has a lifetime effect on millions of women. Therefore, we are creating a safe space to talk about Female Genital Mutilation and other feminist issues faced in our societies. AIMS (Amnesty International Maastricht Students) will host a speaker who has undergone FGM herself to educate us on the procedure, the aftermath and what could be done to fight FGM. AIMS will also give a historical overview of FGM. Afterwards, the floor will be open for everyone to share and discuss gender-based prejudices present in their communities.

Join us with an open mind, this is a safe space for everyone!

Panel discussion on alternative feminist media

With the participation of Nina Echozina, Meeni Levi and Sietske

Zines, self-published poetry, online podcasts...which media do we have to educate and inform ourselves about feminism these days? And how can we find a media for our voice to be heard? In this panel discussion Nina, Meeni Levi and Sietske will share and confront their experiences and opinions about alternative feminist media. Facilitated by Rubi Jansen of Student Radio Maastricht.

Nina Echozina: Nina is a feminist zine maker and blogger from Belgium who's interested in alternative media as a form of activism. Making zines gives her a tool to fight back against patriarchy and find a safe space and community. Some of her zines include Same Heartbeats and From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls and she writes for De Tweede Sekse blog.



Meeni Levi: Meeni Levi is an agender poet from Belgium. Ze spends a lot of zir free time crying over works of fiction and is very emotional about jellyfish. http://astrangershandwriting.tumblr.com/


Bloed aan de muur: is a podcast with anarcho-feminist content. With suggestions, news good books, stories, poems and all those things that you do not necessarily want to hear.


Victor Victoria

by Senith

“So I should be a woman pretending to be a man who pretend to be a woman?!” (Julie Andrews in Victor Victoria di Blake Edwards)

A wonderful cult movie from the 80s and a funny theatrical workshop on gender.

Victor Victoria, besides slipping at the end into the reassuring rules of Hollywoodian heterosexuality and gender dichotomy, it introduces explicitly the concept of gender as a play, as a performance. And all of this in a very funny way. Also desires can be performed theatrically. Senith will make us play, reflect and try out how much we can change the perception of ourselves and of others just by the way we stay and move in a space. We will, first of all, make our bodies speak and be alive.

See more about this artist in the "art and performances" section.


DIY cosmetics and toothpaste

by Annabelle    

In this workshop we will explore alternatives to hygiene products such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and washing detergent. We will make our own products, which are great alternatives to conventional products that are often packaged in unsustainable plastic containers, and contain substances I would personally not like to put on or in my body. These products are not only fun and easy to make yourself, but you also know exactly what they contain, you can save money, and be more self reliant. Together we will have the opportunity to:
- make our own toothpaste and deodorant on the spot
- exchange experiences and recipes for homemade cosmetics and cleaning products
- talk about zero/minimal waste alternatives to disposable razors, tampons & pads, etc.

To cover the material costs a donation of 2-3€ is suggested. (More is always welcome and will contribute to support LadyFest and for paying the maintenance costs of the Mandril Cultural and Political Center)

If you have, please bring small jars, spray bottles, as well as old roll-on deodorant containers to take home your freshly made toothpaste and deodorant.

If you have experience with making alternative personal hygiene or cleaning products feel free to bring your recipes and experiences along so we can share, discuss, and educate each other!

My name is Annabelle and since a few years I have been interested in making my own cosmetics. At first I was motivated to do so because of concerns of sustainability. The idea of zero-waste or minimizing ones waste inspired me, and since toothpaste, shampoo, etc are all packaged in throwaway plastic containers this seemed a good place to start. Getting more into substituting bought by homemade products, I also became concerned about the effect of conventional products on my body and health, and preferred only using products where I know exactly what is inside. And lastly, I very much like being self-reliant, meaning that I feel good knowing how I can cut my own hair, make my own toothpaste, deal with (at least minor) illnesses myself, etc rather than having to go to the hairdresser, supermarket, or doctor for services, products, or advice.

I am looking forward to sharing my recipes and experiences with you and especially also to hear about yours.

ECOSEX workshop: how to treat the Earth as a lover

by Miguel

Getting back to nature in the best way possible, ecosexuality has is a form of environmentalism that has its roots in performance art, sex-positivity and absurdist humor.

Ecosexuality is about engaging ones body and senses in acts of environmental celebration. In this workshop, you will learn how bring ecosexuality into your daily life by using plants, fruits, and body art.

The workshop will be followed by a discussion looking closer at the scientific foundation for these ideas, and where is ecosexuality's place on the world stage alongside queer and feminist ideologies.

Can a Christian be a feminist? A sharing knowledge and experience circle

by Lea Müller and Kerstin Baars

How is it to be a Christian and a feminist? Can ones faith give one the strength to fight the patriarchy? These and more questions will be discuss in a sharing circle. Everyone is welcome to listen, share, discuss and support :)

Interactive lecture on Muslim Feminism and the Dangers of Orientalism

By Brooke

For this LadyFest Maastricht Brooke Rouah will be giving a lecture on Muslim feminist activism in the MENA region, with a special focus on Morocco. There will also be a discussion on how to position oneself in the debate on Muslim women’s rights and how to show solidarity by not speaking for one another but by giving each other the platform to speak for oneself.

-Artwork by Moroccan women’s rights activist and comics artist Zainab Fasiki-

Eye openers

by Marine

As a feminist graphic designer, I am constantly grappling with the issue of structural inequality, prejudice and lack of representation in the visual eld. How can we avoid feeding into a global context of social inequality? How to take responsibility for the impact of our practice on a social level?

In this context, these workshops aim to consider the social impact of the images that we as designers produce, and to collectively identify alternative and fairer practices of visual representation. Structured around three exercises, mapping agency, mapping privilege and mapping de-naturalization, these workshops were designed to welcome both professionals and students with a practice in visual communication to participate in this experience.

Chasing Unicorns: Queering up Spirituality

by Irina

Irina The UniQueern will take you through a playful, colorful, quirky, messy, feely, freeing journey to connect with your inner Unicorn.
There is much to be said about this magical creature, but myths can be Googled.
This workshop is about experiencing a sense of magic and glitter while wide awake.
All you need is a little bit of courage and curiosity to jump through the rainbow wormhole...

DIY gynecology

Experience sharing workshop

by Elsa and Noémie (revolutionary and feminist self-gynaecology collective Strasbourg)

Open to people primarily concerned

Many of us have had bad experiences with gynecologists, and have had to cope with homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, classism, ableism, fatphobia or another form of systemic oppression.

This workshop is intended as a safe space where we can experience a radical feminist intersectional self-care practice through discussion. Let’s reclaim power over our own bodies! take control and good care of our sexual and reproductive health together! For this, we'll share our experiences, discussing the solutions, remedies and self-defense techniques that we found work for us.

Is it possible to cure a yeast infection at home? How can you take charge during your next gynecology appointment?

"Wtf, gynecologists keep on thinking I’m not a sexual being and therefore need no medical care because I’m disabled/ a lesbian/ over 45, or different in some way from the hetero.cis.white.person norm!" Here are some of the things we *could* be discussing during the workshop.

We’d like it to be a place of horizontal learning, where our voices are equally heard, whatever our body, age, gender expression etc. All this in a spirit of radical kindness, and respect for each other’s identities, experiences, and limits.

"Why are you here?" storytelling and (self)interrogation

by Adja

A question I've been asked and have asked myself. It I also a question you should all ask yourself.

It has been posed to me as an assault - fundamentally questioning my belonging.

And it has been posed to me as a challenge - to reflect on taking up space.

I want to tell a story which starts off with an incident in which many issues revolving around this question, 'Why Are You Here', arose for me. I want to talk about being seen as essentially as black and as women, while I am that and much more.
I am also African, I live in Europe, and I have relationships in which I am something different to every person in my life.

I also want to pose questions to my audience. To ask them why they are here, and to ask them about how they think about difference (of others and of themselves).