Let us know in time whether you need wheelchair accessibility to some of these workshops so that we can change its location!

Location for the whole festival: Mandril Cultural and Political Center, Cabergerweg 45 Maastricht

12:00-13:30 Bystander intervention by Our bodies Our voice

12:00-13:00 DIY toothpaste and cosmetics by Annabelle

12:00-13:30 Chasing unicorns: queering up spirituality by Irina

13:00-14:30 Female genital mutilation in collaboration with AIMS, featuring a FGM survivor

13:30-15:30 Healing through BDSM by MariLeo horse and Electra/ WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT

13:00-14:30 Afrofeminism by Mwanamke Collectif Afroféministe Belge

13:30-15:30 To dare the way into the unknown-workshop on critical masculinities by Queertopia collective

14:30-15:30 ECOSEX workshop: how to treat the Earth as a lover by Miguel

15:30-17:30 Panel discussion on alternative feminist media with the participation of Nina Echozina, Meeni Levi and Sietske from Bloed aan de muur and facilitated by Ruby

14:30-16:00 On the other side of the mirror, a documentary on drag queer by Cecilia Grasso

16:00-17:30 "Who cares?" On degrowth and feminism by Birte

14:30-16:00 Can a Christian be a feminist? A sharing knowledge and experience circle by Lea Müller and Kerstin Baars

17:30-19:00 Victor Victoria-a workshop on gender performativity by Senith

16:00-17:30 Self-Gynaeocology by Elsa and Noémi of the Feminist and revolutionary self-gynaecology collective Strasbourg

17:30-19:00 Why Are You Here? A storytelling session by Adja

16:00-17:30 Eye openers by Marine


17:30-19:00 Muslim Feminism and the Dangers of Orientalism by Brooke

20:00 Two minutes silence for National Remembrance Day

17:30-19:30 W/HOLE: a collaboration with HackerPorn Film Festival Rome by Renato WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT

20:30-21:00 Queer Relationalities, a performance by MariLeo Horse and Electra/ WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT19:00 COMMUNITY DINNER
21:00-21:30 Not fabulous, a performance directed by Ottoline20:00-20:30 Feminist Poetry Open Floor
21:45-23:00 Witch fever (Manchester) 20:30-21:00 BAD ASSolo, a drag queer performance by Senith
23:00-1:00 Androdytus (DJ, Maastricht) /CONDITIONAL ACCESS21:00-21:30 Maggie (Leeds, UK)
1:00-3:00 Roo Honeychild (DJ, Dublin) /CONDITIONAL ACCESS21:30-22:30 Chuck (Brighton, UK)

JET CLITTER by Julie and Sarah from 21:00 onwards on Saturday

Reaprocreation by Sura Sol ongoing art exhibition

CONDITIONAL ACCESS: There is a new door policy for this years party, entry from 23:00 onward Saturday is only with a stamp obtained from the festival throughout the day (get it on your hand, tentacle, arm or piece of paper). If you can't make it during the day and want to come only to the party send us a message to ladyfest[@]gmail.com and and we can put you on the list. Please spread this around your friends who are interested in partying Saturday night