Not fabulous

Directed by Ottoline

I wear the boy they gave me no more.

Femininity as performed and embodied by male assigned individuals is often celebrated and adored in a show context. They are deemed powerful and beautiful and fabulous, as long as they are on stage. But what about the moments before and after the show?

A devised physical theatre piece exploring notions of shame, desire, community and femininity.

Directed by Ottoline

( )

Performed by Kah Chun Pau, Lucas Lopes, Igor Meneses

Costumes by Harrison Rodrigues

Music by Igor Meneses



By Senith

Drag is aesthetics, a form of art, it is playing with stereotypes, it is social critique. Drag is a way to perform masculinity and femininity, regardless of our own gender. Drag is body, and bodies sometimes provoke morbid curiosity, vertigo, annoyance, fear. Bodies transform themselves, they smell, take up, invade, penetrate, dress and undress. What about those bodies that don’t hide themselves? Are they disturbing?

No, they contaminate.

Let’s contaminate!

In Senith’s style, you’ll discover a very personal story of a 10 years-long drag performer. We could say Drag Queer. Nor King, nor Queen, but In Between. The performance is contaminated by style, ages, show genres and, of course, by Gender…

Among Wigs, Moustaches, Paillettes, Ombretta Colli, Viragos, Fems, Revolutions and Dreams, you’ll discover a passionate love story

Senith: Senith, has been a queer drag performer, organiser of workshops and events, as well as a queer activist, for more than a decade. She co-founded Eyes Wild Drag, the Italian pioneer group in queer performance art. After the collaboration with the group in the organising of the initial editions of GendErotica festival, now Senith is GendErotica Art Director. Senith, who experiments with gender roles and erotic imaginaries, embodies the very first critical performing construction of a Faux Queen in Italy, through which she works on the redefinition of a queer collective imaginary of the feminine.

Queer relationalities

by MariLeo Horse and Electra

WARNING: this performance contains explicit sexual and violent content.

“Queer Relationalities- Legami Queer” crosses roles, genres and species.

Everybody could be a man, could be a woman, could be an animal.

The movie encourages the expression of mutual authenticity, intimacy and animacy.

Through the performative and cinematographic language, nomadic bodies and unexpected entities assert themselves and become protagonists.

For more information about the artist check out the “Bonds”


a short movie by MariLeo Horse and Electra

WARNING: this performance contains explicit sexual and violent content.

Leo, as a man, becomes a woman to fulfill his Miss desire.

But miss Electra will not be satisfied even with female symbiotic slavery nor with open slavery. Miss continues to remain perpetually unhappy and dissatisfied. Finally Leo decides to turn into ... an animal ... to satisfy her ...

A movie by Marileo and Electra

Production Abrosky

Executive producer Lucio Massa

Director Marileo Horse

Photographer Ellis Worth

Editing Electra Erotikqueer

With Marileo, Electra, Medusa, Giulia

Length 10 minutes

Nationality Italian

December 2018

Electra Erotiqueer: She has a degree in psychology, followed training courses in sexology and unconventional sexual practices, experimenting with their therapeutic and educational power. It will never cease to explore interiority and human relationships in order to increase individual and community levels of awareness, deconstructing cultural cages, including through performative art and experiential channel.

Marileo Horse: Screenwriter and video and theater director.

She lives and works in Rome. Graduated in Rome Experimental Center of Cinematography, since 1988 she began to work both as screenwriter and director. As director many documentaries and short films that have received international recognitions, assistant director Antonioni and Wenders in "Beyond the Clouds". In 2004 she was a screenwriter of "Pontormo", feature film funded as national cultural interest. The film, on the screen in Italian and American cinemas. Performers in social theater contexts since the 70s. Counselor and founder of the Ass. AEB (Wellness Education) which aims to train for global citizenship. Work with mixed groups of older people, children, people with disabilities, immigrants and gender fluids. She published “But this is theater!", Giunti Kids(2004), and “Submerged nostalgia” a collection of poems, Colitti (2007), “Besides all”, a novel, Golena edizioni (2016).

Jet Clitter

by Julie and Sarah

Clitterjet will be a room, with a glitter blower system to cover girls*' bodies or faces with glitter in a ceremonial and spectacular way.

ClitterJet is a celebration.
Let's celebrate the everlasting codes of the feminine, as how we can see them on representations of ourselves, as womxn. Industries, advertising, cinema or videoclips like to cover us with layers of shiny stuff. let's at least have fun doing it, embrace it, over the top.

On the other side of the mirror

documentary by Cecilia Grasso

produced by CSC Production and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Sicily with Eyes Wild Drag (2015, Italy, 54')

How would it be, for a woman, living a day as a man?

The background of a drag show is the opportunity to explore inside the most intimate aspects of Kinging.

From stories and experiences of a group of Drag Kings, daily recorded, it emerges a construction practice identity staging gender stereotypes and bares the predominance of men in our society.

The author, with participant but not intrusive gaze, show fascination and complexity of a little unknown universe, where the surplus becomes spectacle, and the transformation is liberating narrative of the self.

W/HOLE: a collaboration with HackerPorn Film Festival Rome

by Renato

WARNING: this screening contains explicit sexual and violent content.

For this edition, LadyFest Maastricht collaborates with the Hacker Porn Film Festival (Rome). Renato Loriga, one of the curators and artistic directors of HPFF will present (W/HOLE), the first feature film by the feminist queer collective AORTA Films, in collaboration with The A.O. Movement and directed by Mahx Capacity. (W/HOLE) is the opening movie of this year's edition of HPFF and in competition for best feature. "The film seeks to explore the incredible potency of queer hedonism, specifically how the authentic performativity of kink and queer porn can evolve trauma into orgasm, and grief into politically radical, transformative, body-based joy" (from AORTA's website).

What is Hacker Porn Film Festival?

The HPFF is an independent and self-financed festival dedicated to post-porn, queer and kinky cinema, based in Rome and at its third edition. Its research focuses on sexualities, bodies, practices and everything that stands against and goes beyond boundaries and binarisms dictated by heteronormativity.


by Sura Sol

am I beautiful functional useful desirable sexual sexy

respectable taken ... seriously?

am I a woman [a lady] a body

am I worth?

am I a definition an experience a vagina my vagina a cunt a pussy something else

it doesn't have a name ... yet

am I made to procreate?

/ do I have a say ?

REAPROCREATION is an artistic research lead by Sura Sol in co-creation with different participants, models, social, political and lived experiences. For the LadyFest, drawings, paintings, video installations and soundscapes will be put together as a peak and shaker of those various questions.