DIY-do it   together by Rense

Wishing kink & sex toys could be affordable? or vegan? environmentally friendly? ethically produced? more your style? more suited for your body? free and totally punk? We have a thousand and one reasons to start making our own toys. In this tiny beginners workshop we'll look at some kink&sex items that are usually made from leather and how to make them yourself from vegan materials that are easy to come by. If all goes according to plan we'll all go home with at least one new toy and lots of inspiration.


Performance by Alehandra

Body Limits is anart-performance that revolves around the limits of our bodies:the tangible (skin, for example) and beyond (needs, emotions, desires, traumas, policies…).

Punching and Kicking your Way by Candida

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to get to know some basic techniques of traditional Karate, a martial art which developed in Okinawa, Japan. Such techniques include how to make a fist that can hardly be hurt, how to punch strongly while being relaxed, how to kick with force while being centered, and how to dodge or block attacks. Within this workshop, partner exercises are not seen as a fight but rather as an exploration of your own physical boundaries, for example, concerning hard and soft touches. You will have the opportunity to test your own physical and mental endurance, however always respecting your own limits. This workshop is open for everyone who identifies as a womxn, queer or trans, regardless of sportiness and previous experiences. What counts is curiosity and enjoyment of movement!

Sexual Consent Workshop

In this workshop we will take the time to explore the concept of sexual consent, your intimate boundaries and the way you engage with others.

Sexual consent is an interesting and possibly challenging topic to engage in with others. Exploring it in a group or with a friend or partner provides many opportunities to learn more about yourself and your relationship to others. So feel warmly invited to join this practical and fun workshop at ladyfest!


I got involved with this topic when Consent Matters Maastricht invited me to do workshops for them. Consent Matters is a student initiated respons to to the many negative sexual experiences that are occurring in Maastricht student life. Consent Matters is striving for an implementation of a mandatory workshop on consent for first year students and are currently speaking to many parties such as University Maastricht, the municipality and Hogeschool Zuyd to make this happen. Currently we are collecting data and feedback on the first round of workshops to create the perfect workshop to spread awareness and practice skills around matters of consent.


It would be great if you could let us know you are coming, limited places are available.

Ejaculation Workshop for Cunts

by Fluida Wolf, Transfeminist acitivist

This Ejaculation workshop is an informative tool to collectivelly reconstruct  and awaken the deeply rooted knowledge of our bodies and sexuallity.  Modern medicine, the church and patriarchial societies in which we live in have been hiding crutial information from our lives: We can also squirt!

The puropose of this meeting is not to create an army of squirting cunt-having people, but to break down myths and taboos surrownding the topic and gaining control of a part of our bodies that for centauries has been oppressed by western culture.

The workshop will be divided in two parts, the first part, is theoretical and open to everyone, it includes a powerpoint which tackles the issue from different dimensions, the second part, (for cunt having people) is to learn how to recognize our prostates in a safe welcoming space.  
Valentine aka Fluida Wolf is a transfemminist activist and militant translator, will be coordinating the workshop!

Expressive Movement Workshop  

By Alehandra who works in the facilitation and development of multidisciplinary educational programs that emphasize self-awareness through creative expression and body sensations. Her work revolves around Visual Arts, Gestalt Therapy and Integrative Bodywork. She proposes an Expressive Movement Workshop with the aim of having fun and connecting with our bodies.  It’s not about learning how to dance, but about enjoying dancing

It will help us to give a break to our mind so that sensations, emotions and instinct can flourish. We will increase our body awareness, feel more balanced and leave the workshop feeling relaxed and re-vitalized.  The dynamics that we’ll practice are based on different tools: dance, music and psycho-corporal and artistic techniques such as breathing, drama, meditation, massage and drawing.


Queer core : How to punk a revolution (2017)

A documentary on Queercore, the cultural and social movement that began as an offshoot of punk and was distinguished by its discontent with society's disapproval of the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender communities.

Heavy periods: Let’s talk about it’ by Rosa Paps

This workshop aims to tear down taboo and openly explores multiple dimensions of the magical mysterious phenomenon of the womb known as the period, with a specific focus on its heaviness. Literally and metaphorically.  

Literally: We will demystify the steps of this natural cycle, discover what is objectively defined as ‘normal’ or ‘heavy’ bleeding and talk about the causes, consequences and solutions...

A little less literally: Why and where is there a taboo on talking about periods? How do we feel about it and what does it do to us? Should we change the way we deal with our bleeding? Why (not)?

Join Rosa, a 6th year medical student with an interest in gynaecology and female empowerment

Sworn Virgins by Barbara

The sworn virgins are women who become men in male-dominated society in order to have some rights and to change their social status. This transformation is always based on necessity: a personal need to feel free or to be independent; but, in some cases, it could be dictated by the need of parents to have a son, to have the male heir . 
It’s interesting to reflect if this choice represents a manifestation of freedom or, as I think, it is dictated by social pressures.
The sworn virgins are women who compromised to feel free. Despite the due distinctions, in our society , this happens to every single women in every single day of her life. For example, this can happen when we decide how to look and how to dress based on the fear of being judged there is a link  to this topic with the important theme of victim blaming. 

Barbara  graduated in Philosophy at the University of Milan in 2016, and she recently published a book on the topic!!!

Feminist Movement in Italy: Politics, Abortion and Divorce- interactive presentation byb Livia

Livia will give an interactive presentation on the emancipation movement in Italy of the 60s 70s focusing on the personal archive she have from her grandmother, who was the female responsible of the socialist party in Italy, during the fights for the legalisation of divorce and abortion.


Ecosex Documentary: a documentary for broadening sexual perspectives

What happens when we change our relationship from Earth as Mother to Earth as Lover? This is the story of how two ecosexuals, Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, came to marry the Appalachian Mountains and join the fight to abolish mountain top removal. The film examines how small communities face destruction for short-term corporate gain and the brave activists who put their own bodies on the line to try to stop it. Featuring extreme tree hugging, rock kissing, and skinny-dipping, it shows how the fight against environmental injustice can be a little more sexy, fun, hopeful, and diverse.

Ladies Cycle DIY (bike repair workshop) -LN and Lety 

We're LN and Lety. We both learned bicycle mechanics first by fixing our own bicycles, and then by spending some time in a bicycle workshop in a squat in Liège. Lately, LN has been working professionally as a mechanic for a non-profit organisation. We don't know everything, but we'd be happy to share our knowledge. The goal of our workshop is not to fix everything in a super professional way but to show that with few material, a bit of confidence, concentration and grasp, we can do much. Let's not forget to mention you shouldn't be afraid of getting dirty hands (or more) 😜


Relating to our forest : stories of Indigenous midwives in the Ecuadorian Amazon by Lea

Stories of the association of kitchwa midwives, whose hands assist a child coming into the world .

Spoken Word - Open floor

Poetry Slams are spaces where you can recite and listen to poetry. Poetry Slams are invitations for you to share your own or someone else's lines and to get inspired by others'. Poetry Slams is where the magic happens-some would say. They regularly take place in Maastricht thanks to the Poetry Slam group, that will host this special edition dedicated to gender identity themes, female and not-male poets.