Slow worries  

Slow worries: Slow Worries combine dreamy melodies with solid dissonance. While taking cues from the likes of Helium, The Spinanes & Slant 6, their 2 guitars/drums lineup betrays a post-hardcore influence as well.


Sara Devika Matyus, Anna Weber and Nadia v. Osnabrugge will give a chilling performance, take a look for yourself !

*Or you can check their Website in the link below


Stacy is a 21 year old black non-binary queer spoken word artist and MC from Curaçao.

Their poems and rap are a reflection of their own experiences intertwined with that of folx with similar backgrounds and identities. Through their art they articulate political, emotional and psychological struggles that marginalized bodies and identities deal with. Transcending boundaries of language and interpretation, they push for political change, consciousness and chillness.


Shelby takes you on a trip into her world where the sun and the moon shine together. She sings and composes in four languages: French, Portuguese, English and Spanish. Each language allows her to express herself in a unique way about themes such as self-acceptance, justice, freedom, love, loneliness… But it is above all her deep soulful voice that will get to your heart. With her guitar, she creates latin-soul-ragga melodies that will make you feel all kinds of emotions. Her music is the reflection of her bittersweet life: intense happiness and joy with a taste of sadness and pain. Shelby is a mixed-race girl who likes to mix languages, emotions and musical styles. She also likes traveling to discover the world and learn more about others and especially about herself. She plays on her own with her guitar or with Martin Keita (bassist) and Louis Mergeai (drummer) who add their special groovy latin-jazz touch to her songs. Just open your heart and let the magic happen…