(paintings, installations, photography, film and more)

Kopfkino Illustration

Anouschka Boswinous is an illustrator and cultural anthropologist, who goes by the name Kopfkino Illustration. She loves to combine these roles in drawing illustrations about social topics such as gender, sexuality and culture. During Ladyfest Maastricht she will exhibit the series: ‘I know someone who…’ where she combines text and illustration to tell stories about sex. Her goal is to stretch normative ideas about sex and the female body. It is an ongoing series where the audience is welcomed to share their own sex stories if they would like to have them illustrated and included in the series in the future.


By: Bella De Angelis

“Inside” is a series of four digital illustrations created by Bella De Angelis. Each piece displays the wonderfully enigmatic lives of women behind closed doors. The series was made in hopes to showcase the beauty (and sometimes, lack thereof) of the intimacy that four walls and a closed door can induce. Expectation plays a crucial role in the development and sustenance of these two worlds — the public and the concealed. Women in particular are subject to expectations that enforce the construction of an alternative persona to portray to the outside world. But when all external factors are stripped away, you are left with the raw, unconditioned self that is often never revealed to those on the outside. This is the inside.

Canadian artist Bella De Angelis, currently studying Interdisciplinary Arts at Zuyd Hogeschool aims to take a critical stance on a wide array of socially and politically relevant affairs through her work. Through manufacturing images in a variety of media, she hopes to elicit greater understanding on an individual and collective level of the plethora of ways we mindlessly contribute to the very institutions we claim to condemn. Most of her work acts in accordance with her activism as she that art inherently possesses a social responsibility to recognize flaws in our human culture and ultimately, help to change it.