Ladies Cycle DIY (bike repair workshop) -LN and Lety 

We're LN and Lety. We both learned bicycle mechanics first by fixing our own bicycles, and then by spending some time in a bicycle workshop in a squat in Liège. Lately, LN has been working professionally as a mechanic for a non-profit organisation. We don't know everything, but we'd be happy to share our knowledge. The goal of our workshop is not to fix everything in a super professional way but to show that with few material, a bit of confidence, concentration and grasp, we can do much. Let's not forget to mention you shouldn't be afraid of getting dirty hands (or more) 😜

Write it yourself: making zines as feminist resistance -Megan (Brussels) and Nina Echozina (Ghent) **walk-in workshop**

Together we will create a zine about this edition of LadyFest where we can write/draw our impressions/ideas/dreams in a funky way. Nina is a zine artist and previous member of the legendary Vagina Dentata Crust band based in Ghent. Megan is a zine artist based in Brussels well-known for her witchcraft zine. Click on the button below for Nina 's website if you want to get to know more about the feminist festival scene in Europe and other zine projects.

Female Sexual Pleasure documentary screening and discussion -UCM students

This documentary is about women and sexual pleasureand was  created for the purpose of an undergraduate documentary project with University College Maastricht in The Netherlands.


At the festival I am going to talk about how spiritual feminism and women's circles can help women to find the goddess within and to empower themselves and others. I will also talk about the feminine symbols of the Tarot cards which may help us understand how to work with them and what they mean when they appear in our readings.

After the presentation I am going to read Tarot cards for those who are interested and I can answer some more questions about Tarot, astrology, women’s circles, etcetera!

To destroy domination in all its forms: an anarcha-feminist primer- Marina and Elli (Amsterdam)

Literature list:

  * Emma Goldman 'Living My Life'
  * Ann Hansen 'Direct Action'
  * Assata Shakur 'Assata: An Autobiography'
  * Queering Anarchism: Addressing and Undressing Power and Desire
  * Martha A. Ackelsberg 'Free Women of Spain'
  * Peggy Kornegger 'Anarchism: The Feminist Connection' (pamphlet)

  * Dangerous (zine)

  * The Anarchy of Queer (zine)

  * Chriss Grass: How Can I Be Sexist? I'm an Anarchist!

  * Said The Pot To The Kettle: Feminist Theory of Anarchist Men

White supremacist capitalist cis heteronormative patriarchy... well that's a mouthful, huh? The system we live in is a financial, social and political system of white male supremacy. That means that there are many more privileges out there than just the male privilege. On one hand, even though anarchists are inherently against authority and believe that everyone should be equal, they are still raised in a capitalist, patriarchal society and continue to reinforce patriarchal stereotypes. On the other hand, feminists suggest gender equality but often conveniently forget race, class, ability, sexuality etc. As anarcha-feminists we don't want only the cake, we want the whole bakery! We don't want the struggle to be only about gender equality and abolition of gender norms. We want to abolish all structures that perpetuate power dynamics in our societies. We argue that the struggle against patriarchy should be anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, the same way that our struggle against the state and capital must be feminist and intersectional. Come and learn about awesome anarcha-feminist history as well as contemporary struggles and discuss subjects like anti-authoritarian campaigning, direct action, radical politics and more!


At the festival Linda and Wilmie of the Vrouwengezondheidscentrum will give a workshop on resilience with self-defense elements. They have chosen several activities in which these themes are addressed, for instance by addressing boundaries and how we deal with criticism and conflict. Vrouwengezondheidscentrum is an initiative that supports women in their own development, using various methods such as courses, workshops and group support. Vrouwengezondheidscentrum’s main aim is, from the strength and uniqueness, to contribute to the area of health and welfare.

Bralessness -Annabelle and Fe 

A research project on the experience of young women Over the course of half a year, Felicitas Maltry and Annabelle Schapals conducted a study, interviewing women who choose to not wear a bra. These conversations revealed individual peoples experiences in a society where wearing a bra is a norm. Topics such as what it means to be feminine, or how firstly growing breasts changes ones identity where talked about as well. The various findings of this research project will be presented as well as room for a discussion given.

The oracle between your thighs -Andrea Martina Zaghi 

The oracle was said to be the spokesperson of the divine that would help you to find your compass.  You will realize yours is not that far, but right there, between your tights (and below your belly button). Our Oracle lies below the belly button and above the tailbone; it is home of our “feminine” energies. When blockages are wiped away from this amazing part of our bodies (and identities!), Our Oracle will lead toward our true self: loving, kind and intuitive. In this 75'' workshop, we create more awareness of the Oracle and reconnect with our natural compass through awakening and strengthen the pelvic floor and release the lower back. The practice of different asana (static and dynamic poses), combined with breathing techniques will help bringing into alignment the sacral chakra (svadhisthana). The combination of knowledge will help to understand deeply these dynamics.


This workshop is open to every identity that wants to reconnect with their feminine energy. Having a vagina is not a prerequisite.

Previous experiences with yoga are advised but not fundamental.

What you need is a towel, a belt and if you have your own blocks.  There will be at the location, but I cannot guarantee for everyone.

Max numbers of participants 20.

Poetry Slam - Open floor

Poetry Slams are spaces where you can recite and listen to poetry. Poetry Slams are invitations for you to share your own or someone else's lines and to get inspired by others'. Poetry Slams is where the magic happens-some would say. They regularly take place in Maastricht thanks to the Poetry Slam group, that will host this special edition dedicated to gender identity themes, female and not-male poets. 


Intersectional feminism; the key remedy to a stagnating movement. This interactive lecture aims to help people understand why an intersectional approach to feminism is needed in order for feminism to move forward and not fragment. From its birth, feminism has catered specifically to the oppression of women from a closed and specific background, and in doing so the feminist movement has failed to be a source of emancipation for women of different ages, sexual orientation, class, race, religion, and ‘abilities’. Within this lecture, I will explain how being raised on three different continents made both my privilege and oppression as a biracial woman of colour clear to me, and how I have since learned to used my privilege to enable others. In doing so I hope to communicate how intersectional feminism comes down to understanding how privilege and systemic oppression interact and continuously shape one another within society.


On Toning Down and Shaping Up' - Investigating women's experience of fashion and clothing in late midlife Fashion and trendiness is has traditionally been associated with youth. However in postmodernity and its culture of consumerism, a new imaginary of aging has emerged with places increasing emphasis on visual markers of identity. Fashion is thus of increasing importance in understanding the ways in which aging is both portrayed and experienced. This presentation will give insight into this area by introducing an ethnographic study on women in late midlife who have worked with fashion at some point in their lives. The presentation will touch upon general structures of ageism and sexism and its intersections as well as the ways in which those are experienced and negotiated in the realm of fashion and clothing.


Bea Tilanus will be interview by  Em, an English journalist based in Groningen, about her experience as a transwoman. The focus of the conversation will be trans identities and experiences. Bea Tilanus is part of Transgender Limburg COC and an activist for lgtbq* rights. A stand of Transgender Limburg COC will also be present during the festival to answer more questions about their work and activism. 



In this feminism, Lucia Luxemburg, queer-fem(me)inist activist and glamorous part time porn starlet talks about if and how porn can be feminist, gives some examples and talks about her own experiences. There will be room for respectful discussions and the all time favorite: ask a feminist porn actress what you always wanted to know but never dared to ask!


Just for the Record will be presenting their project and exposing the many shapes gender bias takes on Wikipedia. They will give tricks about editing and non-sexist writing to get you started on the platform! (Participants to the workshop have to bring their own laptop)


Does art matter? Can it transform our frames of thinking? Does art carry potential for social change or is it just elitist pretentious bullshit? In this workshop we will focus on art that deals with trans feminist matters. We will show artworks and videos of artists talking about their work. After a short introduction we will try to open up a conversation on trans feminism and art through asking questions. The aim is not to teach or essentialise what the artworks stand for, or what the artists mean to say. The purpose of this workshop is to see what we can learn from trans feminist art and why feminism must be trans inclusive.  We hope that this leads us to talk about trans exclusion and transmisogyny in visual (artistic) representations of feminism. For example, how is the over-representation of the vagina or womb in feminist (art) spaces trans exclusionary? How does the centering of the pussy essentialise the notion of gender in oppressive and exclusionary ways? And, can we think of strategies to fight trans exclusion and transmisogyny in feminist spaces? Below you will find some sources that you could read or watch beforehand as food for thought. Feel free to add/bring other sources!

Sources as food for thought:

- An educative read on why feminism must be trans inclusive

- Video: ‘One Fist’, a performance by Zachary Drucker 

- An article by Dean Spade, a trans activist, lawyer, writer and teacher. He elaborates on what is wrong with trans rights and “what we want and need will never be won through a legal system” (Spade). Based on this article, we were wondering whether art could provide the means to ‘win what we want’... What do you think?  

- Video: ‘The Gender Song’ by Evan Ifekoya