Einav Bloom (Seattle, USA) 

Einav Bloom is a person with many hobbies. Through music, she tries to explore, understand and navigate hard questions about life and about herself. Recently she began dabbling in rap and hip hop and is pleased to share her art through a feminist lens at LadyFest Maastricht.


Dan will be presenting their poetry at the Ladyfest.
They think and write a lot. About home and belonging, about places and displacement, about language, communication and the meaning of words. They write about sexuality, gender and desire in a world in which being desired is often mistaken for being objectified, sexualized, racialized. They write about what that means in regards to having a home, a family, places to be able to exist at. They write with vulnerability as a weapon and honesty as a shield.

Sur le fil -(Brussels)

Two voices, two friends, four hands, four feet, some instruments passing by, and a sound arises.

In “Sur le fil”, there is Lula and there is Caro, there are two voices seeking to hear each other, in a never ending balancing act.
Music, lightness.
In chorus, two hearts are singing
“Sur le fil”, the music is dancing.

"Deux voix, deux amies, quatre mains, quatre pieds, quelques instruments qui passaient par là, et le tour est joué. Sur Le Fil, c'est Lula et c'est Caro, c'est deux voix qui cherchent à s'entendre dans un jeu d'équilibriste incessant. En musique, en douceur, en chœur et en cœur Sur Le Fil, la musique dansait"

The Vaporellas - (Brussels)

THE VAPORELLAS love the Ramones sprinkled with a touch of Lady Gaga. This is what they call BUBBLE PUNK !
Their first album, DISCONNECTED, was recorded in the living room of Greg Remy (Ginzhu) and mixed by Rémy Lebbos (Vismets) and gives you a taste of what their steaming live performances sound like.
N.B. And no, it’s no coincidence: Vaporella is also the name of a Spanish brand of sublime steamirons.




Sans Gene - (Cologne)

“We are four queer women out of Cologne who sometimes purr and sometimes growl and roar. With elaborate guitar feedback, relaxed basslines and minimalistic drumming we leave a lot of space to or singer who never seems to be standing still, trying to convince that it’s all just in your head…. "