(paintings, installations, photography, film and more)

Azia LaFleur

My art, basically impulsive bullshit which needs to come out. My insides, emotion, fears, shames, dreams, politics, admirations, curiosities, identity confusion, self-assertion, connection, meaning and all silly explorations, which somehow need expression...

Sura Sol Reaprocreation (Brussels)

am I beautiful functional useful desirable sexual sexy

respectable taken ... seriously?

am I a woman [a lady] a body

am I worth?

am I a definition an experience a vagina my vagina a cunt a pussy something else

 it doesn't have a name ... yet

am I made to procreate?

/ do I have a say ?

REAPROCREATION is an artistic research lead by Sura Sol in co-creation with different participants, models, social, political and lived experiences. For the LadyFest, drawings, paintings, video installations and soundscapes will be put together as a peak and shaker of those various questions. 

Write an e-mail to if you want to take part in the project as a model and participant.

Farah Al-Yousif - (Saudi Arabia)

Farah Al-Yousif is a Saudi Arabian painter based in Maastricht. Her paintings are a self-exploration of her experience as a Middle-East Muslim woman. With her surrealistic and expressionistic style she shows portraits of family and everyday life. Her canvases are plenty of surprises and secret hints that she will be available to reveal when asked during the art exhibition.  

Louison Wauters - (Brussels)

I'm a random person who choose to travel a little bit on the space everytime I paint. I paint to go inside myself and I paint to connect with everything who isn't me. And you what's your way to travell whith the stars ? My name is Louison and I live in Brussels. I use painting, drawings, comics and a bit of sculptures to create. For now, I'm working on full and emptiness. I'm a woman, maybe like you who try to exist and prove that we have the right to be here... What an exciting project for all of us!

Raya Van der Kroon -(Maastricht)

I develop myself by crossing the borders of the arts, academic research and entrepreneurship. By fusing the skills of illustration, photography, design, fashion and movement, with socially engaged projects in the field, I am a young and widely orientated creator and curator.

For my Graduation Project I am investigating the relation between modern femininity and nakedness, an expression of sexualisation or rather female empowerment? Based on social research and nightlife photography in Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro, I am designing new ways to express female pride through clothes: attractive ánd emancipated.

Raya will be exhibiting her photography and video work entitled 'the Barbie Project" for LadyFest.