Embodied encounters/


Welcome to the starter pack of this toolkit! In this workshop we get to know each other in verbal and non-verbal ways, through fun games inspired by dance, movement and theater. We spend time setting the scene and making sure we are all able to safely and comfortably explore the knowledge and experience offered in the various upcoming workshops.

Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam.

Anatomy of myself/


As a medic, Maddalena could not start with anything but an anatomy workshop. However, this time we will take a radical turn.

Why do my tubes need to be Falloppian and my glands Skene's? Starting from ourselves instead of from textbooks, we will literally and not literally look into ourselves to get to know what we are talking about.

Pelvic Floor Yoga/


Everyone is training arms, legs, the core, but who is training the pelvic floor?

Nevertheless, the pelvic floor muscles are some of the most important muscles in the body.

Throughout three different sessions, Annabelle will guide us through a gentle yet energizing Yoga practice with a focus on activating the pelvic floor muscles.

My Pleasure/ Fluida

A journey across the wide and wild world of autoeroticism. Because our own pleasure can be a starting point for our wellbeing, personal empowerment and self-awareness. A journey about masturbation, sex toys and safer sex. Because we need to start from ourselves if we want to fully embrace the potential of sexuality.

Consciously Creating Closeness/


In this workshop we will reflect on intimacy. What does intimacy mean to you? How do you create intimate moments? What are our needs, boundaries and wishes regarding relationships?
We will look at our self awareness and somatic boundaries and become confidant in communicating about consent.

Hormones, what are they all about?/


Hormones are held responsible basically for everything: bad moods, high libido, attachment issues, ice cream cravings.

What is the deal with them? Do they really affect all the aspects of our lives? Are the hormones of the pill so bad for us?

Through horizontal learning, we will confront experiences and knowledge to understand which roles hormones play in our lives and how these can be used in contraception.

Ejaculation for vulvic people/ Fluida

This workshop has been presented in festivals all over Europe, including LadyFest Maastricht 2018 and the Berlin Porn Film Festival. The workshop will offer the tools to collectively reconstruct and awaken the deeply rooted knowledge of our bodies and sexuality.

Modern medicine, as well as religious institutions and patriarchal societies, have been hiding crucial information about our lives: we can also squirt! The purpose of this workshop is to break down myths and taboos surrounding female ejaculation in order to gain control of a part of our bodies that has been oppressed by western culture for centuries.

The workshop includes both a theoretical and practical component.

Understanding public health/ Maddalena

Covid-19 changed our lives in so many different ways we find it hard to even describe. Numbers and statistics seem to have taken the lead of the world and “flattening the curve” suddenly became the #n1 goal. While conspiracy theorists are finding food for all kind of different explanations, it is remains difficult to understand public health in these times. What do numbers really show? What do they make us oversee? How are public health policies made and who is in charge? Thanks to interactive infographics, we will play with numbers and flattening curves for a nerdy hour of entertaining education.

Anal pleasure/ Fluida

This workshop aims at exploring one of the most stigmatized and tabooed things in Western history: anal pleasure.

We will break down false myths and taboos surrounding it. In addition, this workshop will also offer practical advices to have a more pleasant and pain-free experience, focusing on the anatomy of the anus and rectum.

Another way forward: Indigenous health/


In this brief lecture, Maddalena will present the result of her intersectional feminist research about Indigenous midwivery in the Amazon Forest of Ecuador. She will explore the implications of this ancestral knowledge for our understanding of sexual health.

Cuddle workshop/


In this playful workshop we will integrate all we have learned and offer ourselves some quiet moments of reflection to see what we want to take home with us. And needless to say, there will be consensual cuddles!


Although many of these workshops include a intimate component, you will not be required to do anything that you are not comfortable with. It is absolutely fine to attend workshops even if you don't feel like showing some parts of your body.