Do It Your Health

A feminist toolkit for body empowerment

28th-30th August 2020, De Witte Boog, Maastricht

Do It Your Health is a three-day event on body empowerment and sexual health.

Through more than ten interactive workshops, you will be able to explore and learn about your body in innovative and exciting ways.

With a feminist and integrated approach to health, Do It Your Health offers a journey based on self-love and self-care as important tools for empowerment. What will you actually be learning about? Lots of different things! These include female pleasure, anatomy, consent and pelvic floor yoga. If you are curious about the full programme, check out our workshop page. For this unique event, an exceptional highly-qualified team will come together from all over Europe. Discover more about our facilitators here.

Do It Your Health is a project based on the principles of Do It Yourself (DIY) and Do It With Others (DIWO). This means that we encourage sharing personal experiences as a way of learning, and that we believe that everyone can take care of themselves if they have the right tools. That's why we developed a feminist toolkit for body empowerment!

To find out more about the prices and how to book, please check out the  cost and bookings page.

Do It Your Health is a projected created and developed by Maddalena Giacomozzi. All rights reserved.